Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The River

Sofia kicked me in the face when I tried to wake her up this morning for her first day of school.
Jordan gave me the elbow when I nudged his long and lanky teenage tall self for his grand wake up at 7 am, that he hasn't seen since June.
Beat me, slam me, smash me...SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION!
I'll miss having them around 24-7, but their young minds must be formed; they must study; do arithmetic; run around at recess and
They're taller, bigger and even more demanding than ever.
And they're mine.

This morning I participated in a webinar on fundraising and social networking.
Now that the forum has reached 1300 and initiatives from forum members are starting to pop up all around Italy, it's time to start thinking about creating an Association- one strong entity that offers a greater foundation for all of the smaller realities. So, I've been investigating exactly what type of Association. Bureaucratic things terrify me, especially in Italian.  However, I don't have faith in the predominantly oral approach Association, and totally have no faith in the predominantly Deaf Community Pro-Sign Language Association, so I'd like to create an I-really-don't-care-what-methodology-you-use-as-long-as-your-child-is-happy Association.
I'm tired of nitpicking and name-calling.
I just want to see more and more initiatives, gatherings, projects and happy families with thriving children.

The head of Neonatology at the hospital where I live contacted me and asked me if I belonged to an association that had 10.000 euro to purchase an otoemissions-aabr machine. I said no.
But after this webinar, I've been thinking.
Maybe I could pool my resources and try to find a way to fundraise 10.000 euro.

I don't like the maybes, they're excuses and passivity.
But, I'm having trouble finding the click.
I'd like to create an association.
I'd like to create an On the Road course for parental support.
And I'm stuck.
The strange thing is that while I'm stuck, suddenly everything and everyone around me is moving, so I'm being pulled down the river.

It's an extremely powerful sensation.
Everyone's taking me with them.
And we are still moving forward.

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