Sunday, June 24, 2012

You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello...

Left uppercut to the jaw, totally grilled, completely unforseen.
I'm not alone to deal with it this time, I'm home..
I could have dealt with it alone, but see, I don't have to because I'm home.
I can hold Sofia's hand, give Jordan a kiss on the cheek and have a margarita with my mom.
Amazing concept, being able to deal with an obstacle with your family physically present.
My mom and I went to see a concert at Pier 6, Rain.
We made friends with a woman who must have had about 6 beers in a row.
We learned that her name was Shelley, she had been married 9 years, she loved the Beatles, went to the U2 concert and paid 180 dollars for tickets nine rows back from the stage. She said she'd been married five times and that I was beautiful.
My mom and I danced to Let it Be.
Sofia and Eddie came to pick us up after the concert, and when I got in the car, Sofia asked, "Mommy did you guys have fun?"
I gave her a kiss and said, "Yeah, we really did".
Sofia kissed me back and said, "Okay, sweet house!"


Debbi said...

Hate that you were side-swiped. Glad you are home with good support. You are loved world-wide by people who have never met you. Hold that tight!

Unknown said...

Thank you you:-)