Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I love trees. Especially all the trees that surround my house.
They are just so tall.
Once upon a time there were two enormous trees with strong roots that held a hammock between them and Jordan swung on that hammock when he was a baby until he was about five and then the hammock broke and the tree got too big so they had to cut it down.
But the stump is still there.
Every time I see that stump, I remember the hammock and how Jordan swung on that hammock when he was a baby.
I sat in the chair, drank my water bottle and looked up in the sky at all those tall trees.
I was surrounded by green topped off with blue and a shot of whipped creamy clouds here and there.
Damn those trees grow to be tall.
I've never actually climbed a tree, I just like that protective feeling the leafy branches give you.
Zero humidity, breeze blowing and blue skies up ahead.
No limits.
Damn it's good to be home.

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