Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Sacred Heart

I met a man who blew me away and one month and a half later he took me to Paris.
We walked the streets of Paris in the sunshine that graced us with its presence and found a band playing in the street with shopowners who served crepes and wine to those who passed.
The Mona Lisa smiled upon us as we toured the Louvre, and the bird pooped on the head of the girl sitting at the table beside us as we lunched in the gardens facing the Louvre.
Wine, crepes, croissants and macarons added flavor to the most magical place I have ever seen or been.
I was blessed in the past, and I am blessed now.
Maybe you really do have to ask for love in order to receive it.
It took me a long time to ask, but I am so happy I finally did.


Stephen said...

Chills! LuvUd

Jodi Michelle Cutler said...


Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

so sweet.

Debbie said...

WOWOWOW!!!! I am soooooo out of the loop! See what happens when I stop blogging and reading up on all my blogger pals???? Ummmmm...I need some details friend! AND -- you know we got engaged in Paris and honeymooned there! Our favorite city in the world (well, neck and neck with NYC, of course:) xoxo