Friday, November 11, 2011

40 or Bust

T minus 5.

Perhaps the first conciously intelligent concept I learned as a child growing up was that whatever shit I found myself in, no matter how deep the hole...I could always crawl to the light. I believed in the light, and I still do.

The difference is that I now have a posse.
After years of baring my soul, sharing my mishaps, sorrows and adventures, I have a woman posse.

Perhaps the greatest, most important discovery at age 40 is screw men and give thanks to the women in your life that will cheer you on, heal you and love you...The most wonderful thing about 40 is that we realize that as women we all have our insecurities but that other things in life are more important, so we become a circle, and that circle is tight.

Between yesterday and today I've received five emails from women offering support after having read my blog. I have learned so much from the personal experiences they've shared.

Within the past three days I've had three new mothers reach the forum with babies under six months of age. These were not weepy mothers, they were I-will-kill-for-my-child-mothers. I read their comments and it all seems surreal- the moms from a year ago are the moms offering time. Mom posse stuff that happened here three years ago and that is now forming in Italy.
Light...something in our life before giving birth to our kids teaches us to have faith in the light. So we move forward.

Today I woke up and went straight to see the principal of the school where I'd like to see Jordan.
I asked them for help.
We were four women in a room.
They nodded their heads, smiled and understood the situation.
We have decided to transition him so that he has a better idea of how the new school may be different and whether or not he feels comfortable.
The school where he is now is structurally similar to a bunker.
His new school is wide, spacious and full of light.
We are moving forward.
Thank you so much for your letters...


Debbie said...

I totally believe that there are two types of women in this world. Girls-girls and guys-girls. There is a certain group of women who will always feel more at home with the guys. Don't know why....but connecting with them is virtually impossible -- I know, I've tried. And then there are the rest of us. The girls-girls rule! They understand the sisterhood and that certain connections can never be undone. Whether you speak every day or once a year, they will hold onto you fiercely and take your side no matter what the situation. That's what we do!

I'm very excited that Jordan has chosen to move onto bigger and better prospects. It seems like he is ready and the situation has presented itself just in time. Best of luck in his transition. He's got special needs, I know -- but he is your son -- and the ferocity in you has to be in him too!


Unknown said... that:-)
xoxo...tick tick tick tick!!!!!