Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Job Interview

A couple of days ago Sofia and I were late yet again for school. We tend to have emergency bathroom issues one minute before we leave the house and this time it was a simultaneous situation. The day before she had had a full day of school, so she had left her knapsack at school and had only taken home a notebook, agenda and pencil case. I parked the car, collected her materials and sent her on her way. The school is being renovated, so she didn't enter via the usual door, she kind of had to walk down a mini alley towards a gate into the school.

Because we were late, not a soul was in sight, except for my big eight year old girl walking that alley framed by the Tuscan hills.

One of those Mamma moments that chokes you up for about a 24 hour period. One of those moments where you see your child as a person who will one day become a woman - basically scared the shit out of me.

The past few days have taught me a great deal about myself.
Glimpses into the lives of others sometimes gives you a totally different perspective on yourself.
I have learned that we each create our own personalized tunnel. Yet, we oftentimes drag others into our tunnel. We are responsible for light and darkness not only for ourselves, but for others. We are directly responsible for how others treat us and what they expect from us. No one should ever expect more from you than you expect from yourself...and here's a little secret...
They won't.

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