Sunday, February 20, 2011


Jordan and Sofia, October 2007...three years ago when I first began blogging.
And this is Jordan today...

The high school years are a combination of hormones, insecurity and determination. We fight the three on a daily basis and judge the outcome day by day, grade by grade. Jordan is in a stay-at-home X-Box warrior phase. He plays the X-Box, uses his earphones on the side of his cochlear implant processor and plays imaginary wars with other teenagers around the world. Sometimes, I hear him speaking English and sometimes Italian.

A strange thing has suddenly occurred and it's driving me out of my mind. He uses a different voice. Ok, he has this new scary manly voice, but that's not it...He now speaks Italian with a Milan accent. He lives in Tuscany, but because he's been X-Boxing it up with guys from Milan, he now talks like them.

Unbelievable. Imagine if Val's kids from Alabama started speaking with a Boston accent.

Wonder what Graham Clarke would think of this one?


Unknown said...

Oh well, lot of people around me think it's unbelievable that sometimes I have a strong Tuscan accent, due to my childhood when I grew up with Grannies and Grandpa. And I was able to catch up differences between my two grannies: one was from my town and another one was from Versilia.
I think CI has strengthened Jordan's attitudes to catch the differences between various speech stimulus. Nonetheless, Jordan is GREAT! :) And I see so much of myself at age of 16 in him :)
Big hugs.

Anonymous said...

Jodi, I saw I have just posted a comment with a friend of mine's nickname, he used my laptop without logging out, sorry :|


tammy said...

LOVE this. One, because I so relate with the whole high school years day by day thing, right along with the "different manly like" voice that Ryan uses when he's online with others (I find it hilarious), but 2) Ryan doesn't have CIs and I am AMAZED how our CI kiddos can pick up on different accents and use them no less!! and oh my has he "matured" in the short, what - year and a half - since I met you both?!? So handsome! Watch out mamma! ; )

Unknown said...

Love to you both:-)...He's now sleeping, he has the flu:(

Unknown said...

Alex...sure, thanks for asking..Jodi