Friday, March 26, 2010

Holy Water

A while back I posted that a friend told me we should consider the days of the week as wins or losses like in baseball and just set a goal of a winning season. That would be simple if my days could be considered wins or losses. In each and every day here in Tuscany, there are at least three different days: Morning, afternoon and evening- I'd add night, but I'm too exhausted to even consider that element. In the summer the longer days complicate the issue even more- neverending, really. And not in a bad way, good thing there's a lot of time because there's so, so much to do that each and every second counts.

Pediatric course number 3 was a success. I re-evaluated my approach, not my material. Somewhere the positive Jodi got lost in the daily grind and some of that enthusiasm disappeared, but the last course the groove thing came back and instead of sharing a negative experience of what happens when pediatricians don't listen to parents, I shared with them what happens when they do listen. When an effective process of a parent-medical professional collaboration exists from screening to habilitation, everyone benefits.

No train traumas...all went smoothly.

My weekend off was spent in Pisa, Rome and Viareggio expanding my mind. I'm living a period where I notice everything, absorb and reflect. I went to Rome on Sunday with an 80 year old legend. He is the grandfather of a deaf friend of ours who lives in Grosseto, and he paved the way for Jordan's journey. I spent 2 hours on a train to Rome with him where he shared his views on life, deafness and parental involvement. We talked religion and he is a non-believer. A week ago a priest came to bless his house and threw holy water in every angle, then said a prayer for Easter. He left a glass of holy water on the kitchen table to bring good fortune. My friend told me his wife happened to be cooking artichokes, when she called him into the kitchen. She needed some water and couldn't leave the stove. He noticed the glass of water on the table and handed it to her. She grabbed it without looking and threw it in the artichokes.

Two minutes later she screamed.


Spring Break starts right now in Tuscany...........Give me strength:-D


K.L. said...

Holy Artichokes Batman!

Cloggy said...

More doctors injected with the @Jodi-bug@.. Excellent. You might want to do a tour here in Norway....

Wonderful people you meet...
Exchanging histories with people at the rate you do, the match is already won, but I hope you continue playing the game..
Worth watching it, and more important, worth learning from it..

Finally the water came to good use..