Friday, November 6, 2009

Going Back to Elementary School

I loved Elementary school. I had the most spectacular class and incredible memories of kickball tournaments, after-school rollerskating events to the tune of "Another One Bites the Dust", lunchroom "Truth or Dare" games and sleepovers at my girlfriends' houses (they had Ken and the Barbie convertible). Loved that school- Church Lane Elementary, the time spent there really saved my life in many ways.

About ten years ago, I drove past the school, stopped my car and walked inside. I saw the dreaded principal's office to my right and really expected to see the old principal. She was no longer there. I looked in front of me and everything looked so, so tiny. I walked into the Multi-Purpose Room on the left and my eye caught the infamous grate under the stage where I sang my first (and last) solo, "Bye Bye Birdie!" Right by that grate was where this really huge and intimidating fifth grade girl named Beth gave me an education regarding the most offensive swear words. I was horrified, yet fascinated...and I have never forgotten those words. Actually they are a fundamental part of my vocabulary to this very day.

After leaving the room, I took a walk down to my first grade classroom...OMG, everything was miniscule!!!! And EVERYTHING smelled the same including the bathroom where my best friend got her period for the first time. Nothing like getting your period in fifth grade to be the envy of all the other underdeveloped girls in the class.

Overall sensation: Nostalgia and Yes...I had outgrown Church Lane Elementary School.

Unbelievable character-forming memories...never to be relived- but always to be appreciated, truly appreciated.

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