Sunday, August 4, 2013


Last year at this time, I spent 15 days at sea drinking Dom Perignon and devouring lobster. I saw breathtaking sunsets over wild natural settings and watched fireworks while holding hands. I got up at sunrise to go jogging dirt paths surrounded by wildflowers and crystal blue waters until the heat motivated stepping right on into the sea to cool off. I lived Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

I just spent the past four days with my friend Rosy. We got up every morning at 7 am to be on the baseball field by 8 am. as she had to score the baseball games of an International Baseball Tournament. I stood for the Italian National Anthem and watched them play ball. We hung out on a campsite dedicated to the 60 teams and drank cold beer to wash down the dirt hanging in the humidity. We ate Mexican food on plastic plates and made room for sweaty mothers pushing hungry babies through the small spaces between the wooden picnic tables.

Whether you're in Jimmy Choos or Crocs, own your shoes.
And smile as you walk that mile.

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