Thursday, May 2, 2013


Four years after creating my Italian blog, three years after having created a facebook forum called "Let's Face Deaf Together!- Cochlear Implant Forum, we are holding our first National Meeting in Rome on May 11th entitled "Look Who's Talking!"
Participants include cochlear implant recipients, hearing aid wearers and deaf adults and children who use sign language without amplification. I believe it could be the first Meeting ever where the speakers are just about all Deaf Individuals ready to share their experiences to enrich the lives of others. Medical professionals are attending to "hear" what we the families of Deaf children and Deaf adults have to say about the system.
The facebook forum is a place where associations from all over Italy can share their projects, ideas and goals to improve the system as a whole and offer resources to all. The Presidents of these associations will be attending this meeting.
There is a battle going on in Italy right now over whether or not to recognize LIS as a minority language, but that battle has no place in our Meeting. Our meeting is pro-family, pro-support, pro-strength, pro-community that encompasses all perspectives.
We are all co-existing on one forum. Miraculous:-)
I have always believed in choice and that each and every choice must be respected.
There are 250 seats in the Meeting and we are now at standing room only with 270 participants.
I believe that if you build it...
they will come.
Jordan and I will be speaking together:-)

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