Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blind Faith

Have you ever been so swept away that you kind of take a leave of absence to experience a different type of reality only to have something happen that slams your feet right back on the ground?
That happened.
And what I discovered was that my feet have always been on the ground and that the ground is still there. a powerful sensation.

When you try to begin a relationship at age 40, both of you have baggage. So, when confronting an unpleasant or unexpected situation that springs itself upon you unexpectedly, it's logical that your reaction is based on that baggage.
I did a lot of work at the end of my marriage trying to figure out who I am and what I'm all about.
Going through that process can be painful, but if you do it in an honest way, if you live your life in an honest one can touch you. No one can try to turn you into a victim.
The only person who can allow yourself to be a victim is you.

Anyway, life's little moments or setbacks can oftentimes offer great insight to how far you've progressed on that road that you chose, even when you had no idea in what direction you were heading.


Debbi said...

I find, 22 years into my relationship with my husband, that baggage is the number one thing we both have to evaluate when we stumble as a couple. Is it old stuff affecting our perception of reality? Are we developing some new baggage? Can we talk it through and realize how old colors new? Mostly the answer is yes to all of those questions. If we talk, and are willing to compromise and be sensitive to the baggage, we manage to carry on without creating too much "new baggage".
That was a great post and one I really needed to read at this particular moment in time.
Hugs to you Jodi!

Anonymous said...

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