Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Sometimes I feel like we're hillbillies.
See, while where I live there's a ton of culture, art history, traditions, etc....if your Aunt's a dyke in a small Italian town, nobody really talks about it.
In my family, we are black and white about our lives. We are what we are. We live how we live and we love.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, teaching Jordan about abstract concepts was extremely difficult. It took time for him to understand the concrete, forget about the abstract.
I've blogged about his Bar Mitzvah, and how we tried to teach him about religion despite the language difficulties. I've blogged about many things, including the fact that my sister is a dyke.

Now, here's the latest.
We are currently in the USA spending time with family. Niki came to visit us, while we were with my mom.
At a certain point of a conversation, Sofia looks at my sister and says, "Aunt Niki you are a wo-MAN."
Aunt Niki laughed. Jordan laughed.
Sofia as we know is extremely manipulative. She knows how to get what she wants from every single person she knows except for Aunt Niki. Apparently she was studying Niki, to figure out the best approach. She still hadn't figured it out when Niki left.

We were in the car with my Dad and my Dad asked how Aunt Niki was -Sofia said, "Aunt Niki doesn't brush under her armpits." My dad said, "I know."
Sofia said, "Aunt Niki has girlfriends."
Jordan said, "I know."

Niki took Jordan to see Harry Potter and they had an amazing time.
We all went to the nursing home to visit my Gram. There we were playing the "Gram, what's my name" game. My grandmother's dementia has gotten worse, so we lighten the situation by asking her to guess our names and we give clues.

Jordan took control of the situation and tried encouraging Gram to remember us. When he told Gram to look in Niki's direction, he said, "Gram, look at her, who's that? Look at her eyes."

Look at her eyes.
Not only do I have the most amazing sister, who lives her life her way and educates others...but I have kids who get it...hillbillies my ass.

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Julia said...

I've said it before, but you have some pretty amazing kids. It boggles my mind how homophobia is one of the last remaining acceptable forms of bigotry. I think gay people are pretty cool -- mainly because I admire self-knowledge, honesty, and courage. Beyond that, being gay is totally normal and unremarkable. And yet so many people in this world can't seem to see past it, to look a gay person in the eyes rather than the groin. You'd almost think that, as a species, we're a little hung up on sex.