Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jordan, Gallaudet and I...Tomorrow

Anything in particular we should see??
SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!


The Brights said...

How fun! I am excited to hear what Jordan has to say about the experience, so please share!

Danielle said...

OMGG! Gallaudet was an amazing experience for me make sure you bring your CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and take lots of pictures my favorite picture is in the CAFETERIA!!!!!!!!!!! Its someones painting I wont name who but its such a beautiful painting ask one of the students WHAT THAT PAINTING MEANS its a beautiful meaning to it!!!!! have a great time. It was the best experience of my life Oh one more thing go into the Audiotorium!!!!! Where you can see all the presidents! Check out the presidents room too.... You should just ask for a TOUR!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.
I hope you find the COFIN door as well!


cnkatz said...

special "sacred" place for jordan and everyone. Enjoy and share.

Candy said...

Have fun! I would suggest you check out the front part of Gallaudet, it's so beautiful. I think the dorms in the back have fallen into disrepair when I was out there three years ago. Maybe they have fixed it up. Do check out the student union building or whatever it is called now, check out the building that holds all archives, there's a lot of good exhibits to look at. Oh, if Jordon loves art, check out the Art Building! Check out EVERYTHING and let us know what you think. ;)

Unknown said...

Candy and Dani, a lot of the buildings were closed, so we got the abbreviated tour. Had fun anyway...love to all.